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About Us


Mavicarno Company as an active company in field of livestock and poultry industry has been established by a number of expert veterinarians in 2015.

Given that the livestock industry is one of the main pillars of sustainable development, this company has started to offer new products and solutions in the field of registration, production and import of medicines, feed and feed additives for livestock and poultry to provide high quality products to the customers in order to reduce animal losses which of course will boost the industry. 

Finding industry problems and presenting new solutions to fix them is the cornerstone of the company’s work. Nowadays livestock and poultry industry with a significant position in Iranian production industries, look for increasing profitability of production by decreasing expenses and developing management factors. 

Mavicarno company is an exclusive representative and distributor of reputable European and American companies. Now with supplying a number of raw materials, nutritive and pharmaceutical products, we are at the service of the livestock and poultry industry and are trying our best to play a more effective role in this industry by registering and introducing new products